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Common sense limitations on industrial ag water use is how we regain control of our future, our communities, and our homes.


We are launching a campaign to create groundwater active management areas (AMAs) in the Sulphur Springs Valley. The creation of these AMAs will be a meaningful step that we, as a community, can take toward saving our residential, small farm/ranch, and community wells. This will enable us to reclaim control over our future in this valley and in our communities...


Our recent interview with KBRP:

Douglas Basin.png
Douglas Groundwater Basin Map
Wilcox Basin.png
Willcox Groundwater Basin Map
Groundwater Basins.png
Groundwater Basins and Sub-Basins of Arizona


The Arizona Water Defenders are a group of local Cochise county residents and well owners advocating for the protection of our natural, precious, and fragile resources in the Willcox and Douglas Basins.

Arizona Well Registry 

Groundwater Site Inventory

Explore on your own: https://gisweb3.azwater.gov/gwsi



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