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The Arizona Water Defenders are a group of local Cochise county residents and well owners advocating for the protection of our natural, precious, and fragile resources in the Willcox and Douglas groundwater basins.


We believe in the sustainable use of water and fair access for everyone-- residences, schools, local agriculture, businesses, and municipalities alike. Without water, none of us have any future here in the Sulphur Springs Valley.

We are a standing political action committee, registered with the Arizona Secretary of State, that is advancing two petitions, pursuant to ARS 45-415, to initiate elections on whether to designate the Douglas and Willcox basins as groundwater active management areas (AMAs, which are overseen by the Arizona Department of Water Resources). 

This campaign is one hundred percent local and non-partisan. This is about reclaiming our future together, as a community.

Our standing committee leadership consists of: Ash Dahlke, chair, and Rebekah Wilce, treasurer.  

If you'd like to sign the petitions, volunteer, join our mailing list, or ask us any questions, please email us at:

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