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Articles & Reports: 

AP News

US West Prepares for Possible 1st Water Shortage Declaration, by Sam Metz, Published April 19th, 2021

Arizona Department of Water Resources

Land Subsidence in the Willcox Basin, Story Map

Statewide Groundwater Level Changes in Arizona, Water Years 2017 to 2018, 2008 to 2018, and 1998 to 2018, published December 2020

Water Level Conditions in The Upper San Pedro Basin, Arizona, 2007-2019, published Feb 2021

Arizona Geology

U.S. 191 in Cochise County Damaged by Extensive Ground Fractures, Published July 18th, 2021

Arizona State University

Rural Water in Arizona

Arizona Public Media 

For Sale in Cochise County: 'You Don't Buy Land; You Buy Water' by Zachary Ziegler, published Jan 27th, 2016

Audubon Arizona

Understanding Arizona's Groundwater

AZ Central


A 'hidden crisis': Millions of Groundwater Wells are at Risk of Running Dry, Scientists Find, by Ian James, Published April 28th. 2021

Attempts to Protect Arizona's Groundwater and Rivers Meet Legislative Resistance, by Ian James, Published March 10th, 2021

Bills That Would Strengthen Rural Groundwater Rules Die in Arizona Legislature, by Ian James, Published Feb. 26th, 2020

In Southeastern Arizona, Farms Drill a Half-Mile Deep While Families Pay the Price, by Ian James and Rob O'Dell, Published December 5th, 2019

'Our Own Survival is at Stake': Arizona is Using Up Its Groundwater, Researchers Warn, by Ian James, published May 13, 2021

These 7 Industrial Farm Operations Are Draining Arizona’s Aquifers, and No One Knows Exactly How Much They’re Taking, Rob O’dell and Ian James, Published Dec. 5th, 2019

Blue Stream Prairie

Arizona Republic: Riverview LLP May Be Largest AZ Corporate Farmer, Farm With Most Wells, by Sally Jo Sorensen, Published December 8th, 2019,is%20nearly%202%2C500%20feet%20deep

Riverview Dairy Drawing Down Arizona's Aquifers, by Sally Jo Sorensen, Published September 24th, 2019

Eco Watch

Iowa's Farmers- and American Eaters- Need a National Discussion on Transforming US Agriculture, Published October 16th, 2019

Forests News

Linking Trees and Water, by Kate Evans, Published March 22nd, 2017

The Guardian

Meet Arizona's Water One-Percenters: In Phoenix, Two Cities Are Emerging: One is Water-Rich, The Other Water-Poor by Elizabeth Wang Whitman, published April 5th, 2021

Mega-dairies, disappearing wells, and Arizona's deepening water crisis, by Tony Davis, Published June 2nd, 2021


U.S. Southwest, already parched, sees 'virtual water' drain abroad, by Diana Kruzman, published June 5, 2021

Herald Review


AZ Supreme Court Sides With Developers on Water Rights; Ruling Gives Castle & Cooke Project Go-Ahead, by Howard Fischer, published August 9th, 2019

Former Governor Babbitt Speaks on County Water Issues, by Shar Porier, Published November 29th, 2019

Our View: Willcox is Running Out of Time, Published October 16th, 2020

Study: Continued Groundwater Decline in Willcox Basin, by Shar Porier, Published December 1, 2018

Sunsites Resident Calls for Action on Water Rights, by Carol Broeder, Published September 3, 2014

That Sinking Feeling: Fissures, Land Subsidence Create Problems in Sulphur Springs Valley, by Shar Porier, Published October 13, 2020

Wells in Eastern Part of County Won’t Get Funding, by Shar Porier, Published November 9, 2018

NBC News


Draining Arizona: Residents Say Corporate Mega-Farms Are Drying Up Their Wells by Andrew Stern, Published Sept. 17th, 2019 

New York Times


The Water Wars of Arizona, by Noah Gallagher Shannon, Published July 19th, 2018


Can Beer Help save an Arizona River? By Ivette Feliciano, Connie Kargbo, & Sam Weber, Published Feb 16th, 2020

Phys Org

Geoscientists Find That Shallow Wastewater Injection Drives Deep Earthquakes in Texas

Phoenix New Times

The War on Mesquite: Collateral Damage in Howard Buffett's Border Crusade, by Beau Hodai, Published Oct 12th, 2019

Star Tribune 

Milking Cows on an Industrial Scale Arrives in Western Minnesota, and Some Farmers Shudder

Report Your Well Running Dry/Levels:

Arizona Department of Water Resources

Arizona Republic:

Additional Resources: 

Arizona Department of Water Resources

Arizona Department of Water Resources Registry of Wells in Arizona (Wells 55 Map):

Arizona State University Kyl Center Groundwater Level Changes in Arizona Sub-basins (tool to show groundwater level changes across the state's sub-basins for 1-year (2017-18), 10-year (2008-18) and 20-year (1998-2018) time periods):

Arizona State University Kyl Center Arizona Water Blueprint (tool to find out about the state’s water resources and policies and your community’s water resilience):

Center for Biological Diversity

Groundwater: To enact a law for the common good: Documentary about the 1980 Groundwater Management Act Documentary:

Innovations in American Government Award, Arizona Groundwater Code, 1986:

Legiscan, Water Bills for AZ

Sierra Club, Arizona

Sunsites Community Organization:

Upper San Pedro Partnership:

Water Resources Research:

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